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What is Biometry?

Biometry involves taking detailed measurements of the size and shape of your eye, as well as the thickness and position of certain sections of your eye.

When is Biometry performed?

Biometric measurements are used to calculate the power / strength of the intraocular lens (IOL) implant which is required in your cataract and refractive lens surgery.

Your Edinburgh Eye Surgeon will use biometric measurements to predict the level of vision you will have after surgery and will aim to customise this to your needs – for example, if you would like to have clear distance vision, without the need for glasses

How is biometry performed?

Optical Biometry

Biometry is most commonly performed using technology called optical coherence interferometry, which uses a non-contact machine to quickly measure your eye. No eye drops are required, although there are a few bursts of short, bright light.

Ultrasound Biometry

In some cases, especially when a cataract is very advanced and the equipment can’t see through the cloudy lens, measurements are taken with an ultrasound scan. This involves a probe gently touching the front of your eye for a few seconds but anaesthetic eye drops are applied so you shouldn’t feel anything.

What is the cost?

Biometry is included in the price of cataract or refractive surgery. If, however, you are coming to Edinburgh Eye Surgeons purely for biometry, a small charge of £150 will be applied.